Family Owned and Operated Lawn Care and Tick Spraying Company Located in Central Suffolk County
Family Owned and Operated Lawn Care and Tick Spraying Company Located in Central Suffolk County

Lawn Pro 7 Step Lawn Fertilization Program

Early Spring Lawn Treatment: Spring fertilizer with slow release nitrogen for long lasting dark green color, plus crabgrass preventer and broadleaf weed control


Late Spring Lawn Treatment​: Balanced fertilizer with iron and slow release nitrogen for long lasting dark green color and broadleaf weed control


Allectus Insect Control: Two well known products for season long control of both surface insects (Chinch Bugs)Talstar, and subsurface insects (Grubs) Merit. This treatment is done along with the Summer Lawn Treatment


Summer Lawn Treatment: Slow release summer fertilizer with iron for consistant green color, broadleaf and grassy weed control


Fall Lawn Treatment: Balanced fertilizer designed for root developement and to help repair from the suumer heat stress, plus broadleaf and grassy weed control


Sol-u-Cal Limestone: Pellitized limestone product that is four times more effective than a traditional limestone product. Helps balance the soil and adds micro-nutrients. This treatment is done along with the Final Fall Lawn Treatment


Final Lawn Treatment: Winterizing fertilizer to help lawns develop a strong root system and aid in early spring green-up.

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