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At Lawn Pro, we know that here in Long Island, people take pride in their properties. However, we also know that attaining and sustaining a healthy, strong, vibrant lawn here in New York can quickly turn into a full-time job for home and business owners. Harsh (and unpredictable) weather patterns, varying soil conditions, and inconsistent watering can make it challenging for locals to find the right care and maintenance approach to help their yard thrive.

Lawn Pro innovation and effective lawn-care program can help. For over 35 years, Lawn Pro has created customized lawn-care solutions for residential and commercial clients throughout Suffolk County. Our exceptional, 7-Step Lawn Care Program is explicitly designed for results on New York properties, providing the nutrients, support, and protection your yard needs to look its very best all year long!

Lawn Pro: Our 7-Step Lawn Care Program is Designed For Results.

Ready to have your yard be the talk (and envy) of the neighborhood? It starts with Lawn Pro 7-step program. Our lawn-care solution’s year-round coverage includes:

Early Spring Lawn Treatment

Lawnn Pro’s team of licensed technicians arrives as soon as Mother Nature decides winter is (finally) over. For our first treatment, we’ll apply spring fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen for a long-lasting dark green color, plus a crabgrass preventer and broadleaf weed control.

Late Spring Lawn Treatment​

As spring draws to a close, we’ll treat your property with a balanced fertilizer with iron and slow-release nitrogen for a gorgeous dark green color and broadleaf weed control.

Allectus Insect Control

It’s no secret that here in Suffolk County, bugs can pose a serious threat to even the healthiest lawns — our technicians are ready for them. During your summer treatment, Lawnn Pro uses Talstar and Merit, two market-leading products for season-long control of both surface insects (chinch bugs) and sub-surface insects (grubs).

Summer Lawn Treatment

Of course, we don’t just treat for bugs during the summer months. We also make sure your lawn has the nutrients and protection it needs to endure the high temperatures and potential drought stresses that come with this time of year. Now is the time to apply our slow-release summer fertilizer with iron for consistent green color, broadleaf control, and grassy weed control.

Fall Lawn Treatment

At Lawnn Pro, we know that your yard has different seasonal needs once summer ends and fall begins. We’ll treat your home or business property with our balanced fertilizer designed for root development to help repair it from the summer heat stresses, plus we’ll apply broadleaf and grassy weed control to eliminate any remaining unwanted vegetation.

Sol-u-Cal Limestone

We’re not done with our fall lawn-care treatments yet! During your fall application, Lawnn Pro technicians will also apply a pelletized limestone product that is four times more effective than a traditional limestone product to help balance the soil and add micronutrients.

Final Lawn Treatment

Lawn Pro’s winterizing fertilizer helps lawns develop a strong root system to survive our long, cold winters and to aid in early spring green-up.

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